Bom ボム

2D Anime & Emote Artist

( disclaimer, arts used as BG are not mine. )

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Introduction:Henloo! It's very nice of you to visit my profile. I'm Bom, a visual artist from Philippines. I have been doing and accepting commissions of digital arts for about 4 years now. I do 2D anime art and custom emotes for Twitch, Discord, YouTube and FB Streaming.If you like my art and want to support me in what I do, I am accepting help thru commissions and donations.This slimy squishy harmless toad is already feeling blessed with you sharing your hard earned money.Why you do it? I have no idea but thanks a lot! 😊SUPPORT Bom ボム


Commission TypeSetPHPUSD
-Set 01300php10$
-Set 03500php20$
-Set 061,500php50$
-Set 102,500php80$
Bust Up1500php25$
Halfbody1800php50$ - 100$
Fullbody12,000-3,500php+150$-250$ +
Commission TypeSetPHPUSD
Bust Up1300php15$

1. Payment First Policy.
2. Strictly No Refund.
3. No rushing. Double Payment for Rush Commissions.
4. Double Payment for Commercial or Business Use.
5. Double Payment for Private Commission.
6. Double Payment for Watermark Removal.
7. Commercial fee is already included For Custom Emotes rates.
8. Set or Bundle prices can be availed once per commission.
1. I will draw in my own style.
2. References and descriptions are required.
3. Revisions in sketch, Lineart, or flat color.
4. Major Revisions will subject to additional fees.
5. Private Commission will not be included in my social medias and portfolio.
6. All Commissions are for personal use only unless discussed.
7. Rush Commissions will be prior.
8. Transparent PNG files are only issued in Commission with commercial or business usage.
1. I have the full rights to include all Commissioned work weather it's personal or private Commission.
2. I have the full right to include Commissioned work in my portfolio unless it's a private Commission.
3. I have the full rights to be credited by the clients when sharing or posting the art.
1. Clients have the rights to share the Commissioned art on their social medias but must credit the artist.
2. Clients have the right to make transparent PNG files if not issued but do not have the right to reproduce or sell the art unless discussed.
You are agreeing to the terms of service above whether you read them or not. I will not be held responsible for any misconception if you do not read my TOS thoroughly.